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About Us

OracleTipster was founded by two famous Asian Handicaps Tipsters (their names are kept confidential for security reasons) in August 2011, with the main purpose of promoting consistent accurate soccer betting picks for punters worldwide. With a combined industry experience of over 30 years, both of our tipsters have extensive network throughout the UK and Europe.

We are now looking at two professional, full-time soccer experts, who earns their living purely from soccer betting. Information are carefully gathered, micro-analysed and selectively hand-picked by our tipsters, to the highest confidence for every match day, all year round. Our tipsters are taking the Asian Handicaps soccer betting industry by storm, and will continue to produce stunningly accurate soccer picks, consistently over time.

Verified services

Previously verified by topsportspick network and starting from February 2013 our site is official joined the VerifiedBets network. For more info please visit our profile page here.

By joining the tipster platform all our tips will go thru a genuine screening before releasing to the market. And the platform will kept all our records and showing the public of our all time statistic.