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Which Site Is The Best For Football Predictions In 2019?

The best football prediction site in 2019


All the major European leagues are well underway, which means that it’s a prime betting season. One would have so many different matches to bet on, some easier to predict than others.

But unpredictability is built into the core of these leagues and competitions. While that is what makes them so exciting to bet on, it could also result in some hard-hitting losses. This is where we can help.


The Best Football Prediction Site 2019

There are times when anyone would struggle when it came to deciding on which option to bet on. The teams are so evenly matched, or the conditions are turbulent and fickle. This results in making predictions extremely difficult. What would one do in such a situation?

One option would be to head on over to a football prediction marketplace. These services are home to professional tipsters who provide expert tips and predictions. Thus, making your decision so much easier.

We, OracleTipster, are one such service. Founded by two Asian Handicap Tipsters who have over 30 years of tipping experience between them, we provide some of the most accurate football tips out there. Here are some reasons why you should register with us.


1. We help you beat the bookie

This is our one and only goal. Our tipsters are pros at what they do. They know football and all its teams and tournaments, as well as all the betting markets inside and out. They know exactly what they are doing, which means that they are rarely wrong. Hours of careful research and analysis goes into each and every tip. We are incentivized to help you win, so we will never intentionally lead you astray.


2. Verified

We know that we are reliable, but how would you know that? Should you just take our word for it? How would you have any possible way of knowing that this is all not a part of some elaborate scheme? Where you feel you’re provided you with horrible, inaccurate predictions, or even worse – never get back to you? 

Since we prioritize reliability above all else, each and every one of our tips are verified by an independent third party – the VerifiedBets Network. They make sure that our tips are indeed a result of proper legitimate methods, and aren’t just numbers or predictions pulled out from thin air in order to make a quick buck. Every single tip is screened before we hand them over to you.


3. Transparent

We are unafraid to show the world just how good our tipsters are. Our entire track record – the wins, the losses, the pushes, all of this can be seen on our website. This way, you’ll know exactly what you will get if you decide to bet with us.


4. Insider information

Like we’ve mentioned before, our founders have been actively involved in this industry for a few decades, which means they have access to exclusive insider information. Information that is shared with all tipsters. This results in a highly accurate, good quality tip.

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