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The Best And Accurate Football Betting Analyser Site

How to analyse football bets and matches?


Calculating accurate odds for football bets involve a lot of work. One would need to consider several factors that could potentially impact a match. 

And even one small change to even one of them will impact the outcome. Needless to say, it would require statistical research, a range of complex equations and of course, in an in-depth analysis of anything that could affect the outcome of a game.

When it comes to accurate football betting analysis, there are very few services that provide a proper in-depth break-down of betting markets. But if you’re looking for one that does, its Oracle Tipster.


What is the best and most accurate football betting analyser site?   

Oracletipster is an online sports betting and tipping marketplace, that was established way back in 2011. By being in the online tipping business for almost ten years, the team at Oracle Tipster has a ton of experience under their belt. In fact, they have a total of 30 years’ worth of experience between them. They’re experts when it comes to betting analysis for the prediction of upcoming football matches. Their tipsters are some of the best out there and serve multiple betting markets.

But what exactly goes into this ‘in-depth analysis’ that tipsters use to make predictions?

1. Previous encounters

When two teams face off against each other, a good place to start before making any predictions is to take a look at their previous encounters. 

This way, one can easily discern which team has the upper hand. Head-to-head statistics is very important to gain a clear understanding of future outcomes. 

Apart from the number of wins or loses, it would also be wise to take a look at other factors. Factors such as possession rate, number of corners, yellow cards, etc.


2. Expected Goals

No match prediction can be made without taking a look at a team’s expected goals. This is calculated by taking into consideration a couple years’ worth of data, compiling it and deducing the average number of goals a player or team would be expected to score.


3. Past performance

A team’s past performance or recent form is quite a big indicator of how the match might turn out. Sure, there might be an unexpected turn of events. 

But that doesn’t mean past performance can or should be completely disregarded.  


4. Line-ups

A roster change or any alterations to the team can have a dramatic impact on the players and the game. It has the potential to change the dynamic of the team completely. 

And subsequently the game, for the better or for the worse.


5. Location

Home advantages are very real. Most teams come out victorious whenever they play on home soil. It could be the level of comfort and belonging that they feel nowhere else. Or it could be the overwhelming support of the audience. 

It would also be because they are more used to the playing conditions, or it could be that they are better rested due to the lack of travel. Perhaps it is a combination of all four. Regardless, playing a match at home is a huge advantage.   


6. Future fixtures

Future fixtures also impact how well a team performs. Perhaps they have a big match coming up soon against their old rivals. And therefore, in wanting to save their energy, they may not put in as much effort into their current game.

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