Featured Footballer: Matt Le Tissier
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Featured Footballer: Matt Le Tissier

Featured Footballer: Matt Le Tissier

Matthew Paul Le Tissier is a former professional football player currently working as a pundit. He was born on born 14 October 1968 in Guernsey.

Nothing but Southampton

Tissier spent his whole career in Southampton. The Englishman is a Southampton legend. Always wearing red and white on his shirt, still being ready to sacrifice what was needed for his team, gave him a permanent status. Because of his loyalty, he was given the nickname “Le God.”

Le Tissier entered the world of football at the age of seven. Showing remarkable and striking, impressive football skills as a child, he knew that football had to be his future. He played for Vale Recreation between age 7-16. In 1985, he signed for Southampton on YTS forms, and just a year after he signed and started playing for Southampton senior team. His first deal with Southampton was worth only £100 a week.

He spent 16 years, practically his whole professional career in one team, Southampton. He always tries his best and, most importantly, he stayed loyal to the team and fans.

When it comes to scored goals, his best season was 1993/1994 (25 goals scored). In the following season, he won the Match of the Day Goal of the Season Award for the goal he scored from 40 yards, putting the ball into the net behind the back of one of his best friends and former Southampton goalkeeper, in the match against Blackburn Rovers.

While playing for Southampton, he showed brilliant skills, which is the reason why so many English clubs were interested in him, especially in the 90s. Some of those clubs are Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester United. At one point, the bid is given for him (£10million bid by Chelsea) could make him the most expensive player of English football at that time. He scored 161 goals in 443 appearances for Southampton.


Unfinished business

When it comes to his international career, Le Tissier was one of a few players who were not from England, but who still played for the English national team. While playing for the English national team, he won 8 caps in 3 years. In 1998, he was overlooked for a final squad for FIFA World Cup by a manager, which has somehow taken his career in a way he didn’t want to but could not prevent.

Le Tissier had a very interesting style of play. He was very attack-oriented, and he had amazing technical skills. He played as a midfielder who created chances but was also able to score goals very often. He was very intelligent when passing and finding his teammates on the field.

He was very strong at shotting from a distance, controlling the ball, and dribbling. If talking about his weaknesses, it is important to stay that he was not that durable and did not have a strong pace. Penalties were his expertise. He scored 47 of 48 penalties he shot for Southampton. The proof of how attack-oriented he was, is the fact that he became the first midfielder ever to score 100 Premier League goals.


Le Tissier was a businessman. And he lost a lot of money.

He had a restaurant nightclub business with his friend in Southampton. The fun fact is that as an ambassador for Flybe, a former sponsor of Southampton, Le Tissier has a plane named by him.

Everyone could agree that a player’s honors are essential, but not crucial. Le Tissier is known as a player who didn’t get a lot of honors. Even though he deserves them. This is why many people say that he is one of the most underrated players ever.

In turn, he inspired many players. One of them is Xavi. Every Monday, there was a show with the best goals from the Premier League, and every time there was Le Tissier. Xavi and everyone he watched the show with, thought that he was incredible because despite Le Tissier could have played for anyone, anywhere and yet, he never left Southampton.


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